Simon Ekin

My work is using public speaking as a ‘medium’ for confidence, wealth, successful relationships, effective sales, self-expression, assertiveness…

Here is my story

I am a professional speaker, trainer and coach of speakers and author. I have delivered over 1,000 speeches at events and conferences around the world.

I have been in personal and leadership development for 30 years and have been a British Army Officer – where I trained at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst – a photo-journalist and I have cycled from Cape Town to the UK; a distance of 13,000 kilometers.

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My Book

A voice in my head piped up. “Well, why don’t you say something? Go on, make a speech. Get people interacting and connecting.”

It was joined by another voice, one I instantly recognised – the voice of reason. “Make a speech! Are you crazy? What would people say?”

The first voice – the voice of courage – persisted. “You say you are committed to transformation. You say you want to lead. Well, why don’t you start here, now, on this bus?”

“You are not ready,” Reason protested. “Besides, you are in London now, not Cape Town or Johannesburg. You are committed to transformation in South Africa, so you will wait until you get there and do it then.”

Courage scoffed. “Oh really? You think it is going to be any easier then, do you?”

Are E-Books Not Your Thing?

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