“It started with me reading Simon’s book: The Art of Courage… definitely worth my time and it was such an easy read. I finished it in one day. I found the book incredibly inspiring and motivating, which made me even more excited for the Courageous Public Speaking Course that I had registered for. Simon calls himself the Teacher of Courage, and that he is! 

I was very aware of my reason for attending the course, but what fascinated me was that even the participants who had no idea what they were not being courageous about (or what they feared) found a whole new part of themselves that was unexplored previously. 

The content of the course is informative and engaging, not once did any of us check our watches or drift away… Simon’s charismatic delivery of the workshop and energetic facilitation contributes to this result. I highly recommend the Courageous Public Speaking course, for yourself or for someone that you care about and want to see succeed. You will not be sorry and they will appreciate you for the rest of their lives!
The value of this course is immense. It’s a must-do for every business owner and manager.”

Claudia Lowry

Executive Director – BNI (Business Netwirk International – the world’s largest networking business) – Western Cape

“The course is so much more than just learning about effective public speaking; it’s about learning about yourself too, meeting really interesting people and letting our guards down.”

Michael Moore

Certified Financial Planner, Wells Faber, Cape Town

“If you are looking to challenge yourself and your thinking around public speaking – and life – then this will be the best first step to take.”

Andrew Patterson

Category Manager, Distell and Independent Distributor, NuSkin