I set out this morning to work on my goals and my direction for the year and in the process, spent time watching and making notes on Ray Dalio’s excellent book, Principles. He seems to be a very good man and his 30 minute video, called Principles for Success, was very generous, practical, useful and inspiring. Get a pen and paper out and make notes as you watch it. 

His final comment caught my attention:

“My only hope for you is that you have the courage to struggle and evolve well and make your life as great as it can be.”

I realised, not for the first time, but with even more zeal, resolve and passion, that I am done with doubting my message and passion for courage. Since 2011, I have come to the edge, doubted myself and then withdrawn, on many occasions. I have done this based on listening too much to others and not to my own heart, backing myself and going for it.

And yet I know, that my purpose is to keep going with my message because those that get it, get it and those don’t, for the moment at least, don’t.

Does the same apply to you? Is there something you are passionate about, that just won’t leave you? Something you keep turning from, yet finds you, again and again?

How do you back yourself when you ‘get the call?’

Here’s what I have learned:

  1. Keep going. Keep learning, keep reading, keep speaking and keep questioning, but never give up.
  2. You’ll know what it is. It’s like when you fall in love the first time, you just can’t stop thinking about that person.
  3. You can see it really clearly. When you operate from it, there is flow and it feels right.