Late last night, I was invited to watch a day at the cricket at Newlands tomorrow by a friend, to watch South Africa versus Pakistan. My wife agreed that this would work and I hastily agreed with my daughters that I would cook breakfast in the morning before I went and supper when I got back. We agreed it would be omelette with feta, bacon and olives.

Only trouble is, I forgot to think and talk it through with my wife. When I left in the morning I was running late and she said that breakfast at that hour would not work for her. With my ‘tail between my legs’ I admitted to my daughters that I would not be able to fulfil on my omelette promise or my supper promise as my wife already had a plan.

I agreed with my daughters that I would be making breakfast, lunch and supper tomorrow and asked them if this would make up for my misdemeanors. “Yes, replied the youngest, please also do pudding and send us a video message from the cricket”. I agreed. They looked pretty pleased. I asked them if me doing this would be a sufficient ‘make up’. Y”es,” was the answer.

It’s a small thing, but it’s a big thing. In fact, I don’t know of a bigger thing. Keeping our word and when we don’t – which does happen, even with the best will in the world – making up for the broken agreement.

Trouble is, most of us are so woolly with our word and we give crumby excuses, reasons and excuses and just let it slide.

Trouble is, we are mostly blind to the impact and erosion of trust that occurs as a result.