It’s 23h37 and I am sitting down to write today’s blog. I scarcely know what to write – not because nothing has happened, but more because I am trying to decide what to write. I have been procrastinating furiously.

I guess there is no better place to start than right here; what is fresh.

I just called to speak to my Dad who suffered a pretty severe stroke about two months ago and is in a home and being really well looked after, praise be! Turns out he was fast asleep.

I spoke with one of his carers, a man by the name of Mike, a jovial, chatty man, who said what a wonderful man my dad was. He said he had heard a quote from my dad today, and even wrote it down.

My Dad had offered him a whisky, which he declined, because, “it’s against the rules.” “Ah rules,” said my Dad, “are for the guidance of the wise and the obedience of fools,” quoting Douglas Bader, the Second World Water fighter pilot who lost both his legs. He was also my brother’s Godfather.

What are my reflections?

  1. I did what I said I would.
  2. By making a promise to do the daily blog post, a short story ‘found me’.
  3. I was reminded of my dad and how proud I am of him and the difference he makes to others.

I hope one day people will say the same of me.