Simon Ekin

The 4 biggest challenges my clients deal with

What are the 4 biggest challenges my clients, men and people, face? Here are 3 stories to illustrate, with 4 pointers at the end: Client Steve has a challenge with a boss who he doesn’t get on with, doesn’t like as a leader and thinks that he leaves a trail of destruction in the organisation. […]

Why I work with men

In all honesty it didn’t start off as a noble cause but evolved into something that I find special: Helping men get their Mojo back. Back in 1997, I was a photojournalist, and not a very happy one. I didn’t have a great sense of purpose and direction and was in a career I had […]

Sign up for this and have your best year yet

How is the year going for you so far? Here we are at the start of February 2023. Are you where you wanted to be when you ‘set those resolutions?’ Where would I be without setting goals, having a plan and support structure? The answer is in a very different place that I am now. […]