Simon Ekin

A short story about privilege (illustration)

Whilst money cannot buy happiness,

the benefits of poverty have been greatly exaggerated.

I have grown up in privilege and I still live in privilege. In some ways I suppose I won some kind of ‘genetic lottery.’ My skin colour, being brought up in a Western, Anglo-Saxon environment, my socio-economic background. I feel like the legacy of privilege got handed down to me. It was mine to make use of, or squander. The odds were stacked in my favour but for many it’s the opposite.

I came across this extraordinary illustration some years ago and I’ve never forgotten it and I hope that it will be useful in helping you to see whichever side of the fence you have fallen on and how heavily the cards are stacked for, or against you.

Click on this image for the full illustration:

What do you think? What did you get from this?

Mojestically yours!


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Featured image credit: The Guardian