Simon Ekin

How to access your Wild Side

Welcome to the ‘House of Mojo’ – Where we transform fear into love through Courage. I heard the term, Quietly Quitting, recently. I found it quite chilling. No one needs to know, but we know, we are simply and quietly disengaging; giving up. Do you know what a razorback is? It’s a domestic pig that […]

10 Tips for Managing your Mind and Living Brilliantly

Abraham Lincoln said, “most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” I think this is a simple maxim that we could all live by. What does this mean? Another way of saying this is, “what you put your attention on grows.” How we see the world and our experience, […]

What I’ve learned about being ridiculous

There are 4 steps, or phases that I’ve learned from being ridiculous and I cover these in my new, re-shaped keynote speech. Let me know if you are keen to hear it! I am looking to practice it in the market. Drop me an email. Get me in to share my ‘ridiculous’ message with your […]

How to Stay Calm Under Fire: Mastering the Art of Composure

Life throws curveballs. Deadlines loom, presentations go sideways, and unexpected situations can leave us feeling flustered and overwhelmed. But amidst the chaos, staying calm is crucial. A clear head allows for better decision-making, fosters resilience, and helps us navigate challenges with a sense of control. So, how do we stay cool under pressure? Here are […]

Possibly the most valuable talk in understanding the world I have ever heard

I first came across this talk by Peter Kaufman a couple of years ago. It seemed a bit of a complicated title so I put it off but when eventually I read it I found it one of the most profound talks had ever heard in my life. You can watch it here: I […]

Transform your view of nakedness, transform your view of life

I’ve been working on my keynote speech for some months now. It’s been no easy feat! It’s not like mainstream society is queuing up to hear about nakedness! But my intention is clear: I believe that my message of ‘being more naked (on the inside and/ or the outside) is an idea who’s time has […]

Unveiling the ego: navigating past, present and future

The word ‘ego’ was originally coined by Freud who died in 1939 so it’s important to acknowledge that this idea developed over 80 years ago. Freud had a very cerebral approach to the ego:  he said it was the moderator between the ‘id’, which is our basic desires and the ‘superego’; our idealistic desires. This […]

Life is like a white-water rafting experience

A metaphor has increasingly been coming to me over the last few days. That is of the river and more particularly white-water rafting down a river. I don’t know if you have ever done it, but it is an exhilarating, scary, cathartic experience. The first time I did it was on the mighty Zambezi just […]

Embrace Authenticity: A Pathway to Fulfilment

I am seven years old. I’m driving with my dad on a long journey, and I am aware that I am not speaking very much, and I apologise to him. He says to me don’t worry old boy, if you haven’t got anything to say then don’t say it. It seemed like pretty good advice […]

The Naked Speaker

Simon Ekin, The Naked Speaker here. Bet you’re curious, right? What’s with the unconventional moniker? Trust me, I’ve asked myself the same question. Let’s unravel it together. “Naked” – a word that often conjures images of bare skin, exposed vulnerability, and societal fringe groups. It’s precisely this vulnerability that most of us grapple with in […]