Simon Ekin

What results do you want?

Have you ever set a goal but then seen ‘life’ just take over and sweep it away in a frenzy of distractions and demands?

Your goal may be to lose 20kg’s, close a $20m deal, reconnect with an estranged son, re-ignite a relationship, or to just have more time, more money and more adventure. But whatever it is, the threat is the same: not being able to focus for long enough to drive it home.

In the madness of daily business and life, all too often the things most valuable to us are side-lined in favour of the ‘urgent’ and ‘can’t wait’. Balance falters. Focus is lost. And ultimately, despite some financial or professional success, we don’t get what we really want.

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Are we right for each other?

I have been helping business owners and leaders achieve their goals, no matter what, for over 20 years.

 I have cycled the length of Africa, been a professional photojournalist and a British Army officer. I am a Dad and husband – two of the toughest – and most exhilarating challenges of all.

 I have learned what works and what doesn’t – often the hard way. I have developed the tools and methods that can give you the edge you are looking for.

 My 12-week coaching journey is designed to help you eliminate the threat of dispersed attention, to help you focus on doing what you say, taking courageous action and getting what you want. I’ll be your wingman. We go where you need to go, which might be one or all of these areas I specialize in:

  • Delivering that jaw-dropping presentation you’ve been hiding from.
  • Closing the deal you’ve been longing for and stuck on for ages.
  • Having that difficult, but necessary conversation you’ve been putting off.

 I’m ruthless in supporting my clients; helping you dig deep to uncover wells of courage you know deep down exist but have not successfully accessed. I listen. I help you establish a plan of action. I’ll help you guide your thinking. The results come naturally.