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The Courageous Public Speaking Course

Improve your leading, inspiring, speaking and ability to produce results.

Regain Your Confident Self

What is it?

A two-day transformational public speaking course

What’s the motto of the course?

If you can speak effectively in public, you can do anything

Why does it exist?

To shatter the 3 myths of public speaking:

  • Myth #1: Good speakers are born and not made, I am not one of them
  • Myth #2: I don’t have much of a story, or much to say
  • Myth #3: It’s feels too much like hard work and I don’t know where to start.

What are the benefits?

  • A renewed sense of confidence, connectedness with others and creating new possibilities
  • You’ll never deny yourself an opportunity to make a speech and impress work colleagues and friends
  • Discover the power of sharing – no sharing, no transformation.
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking.

What is the learning outcome?

You will be able to able to speak authentically, confidently and passionately to any audience of your choice, leaving people touched, moved and inspired. You will be able to do this anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with little or no preparation.

What happens on the course?

  • Thought-provoking, insightful preparation pre-course preparation
  • You’ll deliver 3 speeches that will be videotaped
  • You’ll laugh lots, be amazed by peoples’ – and your own – courage and stories

Regain Your Confident Self

What is the course content?

The Curriculum:

  • Laying the foundations
  • Introductions
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Nerves, fear and the ego
  • Overcoming  nerves, fear and the ego
  • Talk #1: Your item of significance (filmed)
  • A new paradigm for public speaking
  • Speech #2 An Event that Changed your Life  (filmed)
  • The Three Pillars of Public Speaking Effectiveness
  • Speech planning, preparation,, structure and process
  • Speech #3: Your ‘I have a dream’ speech (filmed)
  • You will be sent notes and the presentation notes.

What is the cost?

R5,990 per person

What do you get for your money?

  • A video recording best talk as well as being recorded 2-3 times
  • A FREE copy of my e-book
  • Teas, coffees and snacks. Bring your own lunch please
  • Network with quality people
  • Lots of learning
  • Lots of laughter
  • Tools, tips, resources and inspiration and newsletter

How do I register?

Fill in this form and I’ll be in touch.
Phone: +27 82 565 0765

Regain Your Confident Self

Come to a A FREE  Evening of Powerful Communication and learn tips and tricks for delivering:

Inspiring speeches

Being an effective networker and

Having powerful conversations. 

Next one is on 30th May, 2019

If you are a graduate of my courses or want to find out more, come along.

What is it?

Three hours of powerful communication: public speaing, networking and having powerful conversations.

What’s the motto of the course?

Stand and deliver!

Why does it exist?

To help you be a better human being:

  • To enable you to see and be seen.
  • Deliver, practice and get feedback on your communication.
  • Practice your self-expression, authenticity and passion.

What are the benefits?

  •  You’ll see learn tips, tricks and tools for powerful communication.
  • You’ll grow in confidence.
  • You’ll meet and connect with incredible people.

 Where and when is it?

In Claremont, Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. Sign up and I’ll let you know where. 


Your Stories Are Your Wealth

Phone: +27 82 565 0765

Your Stories Are Your Wealth


“It started with me reading Simon’s book: The Art of Courage… definitely worth my time and it was such an easy read. I finished it in one day. I found the book incredibly inspiring and motivating, which made me even more excited for the Courageous Public Speaking Course that I had registered for. Simon calls himself the Teacher of Courage, and that he is! 

I was very aware of my reason for attending the course, but what fascinated me was that even the participants who had no idea what they were not being courageous about (or what they feared) found a whole new part of themselves that was unexplored previously. 

The content of the course is informative and engaging, not once did any of us check our watches or drift away… Simon’s charismatic delivery of the workshop and energetic facilitation contributes to this result. I highly recommend the Courageous Public Speaking course, for yourself or for someone that you care about and want to see succeed. You will not be sorry and they will appreciate you for the rest of their lives! The value of this course is immense. It’s a must-do for every business owner and manager.”

Claudia Lowry

Executive Director – BNI (Business Network International – the world’s largest networking business) – Western Cape

“The course is so much more than just learning about effective public speaking; it’s about learning about yourself too, meeting really interesting people and letting our guards down.”

Michael Moore

Certified Financial Planner, Wells Faber, Cape Town

“If you are looking to challenge yourself and your thinking around public speaking – and life – then this will be the best first step to take.”

Andrew Patterson

Category Manager, Distell and Independent Distributor, NuSkin

What Others Are Saying

Don't just take it from me, let the clients do the talking!

“Courage is easy to talk about but hard to put into practice. The team continues to talk about your approach and the strength it takes to do that which you do."

Peter Matlare

CEO, Tiger Brands

“We recently had Simon Ekin as a guest speaker on the subject of Courage. An interesting and challenging topic which generated extensive and meaningful personal experiences and discussions. Worthwhile and thought-provoking.”

Randal Godden

Vistage South Africa

“Thank you again for your excellent guest lecture. The class at the business school is still talking about you and referring back to your talk. I'd be more than happy to recommend your skills as an excellent coach for entrepreneurs both in start-ups as well as in established organisations. You have an extraordinary talent and I'd be happy to talk to people who want to get a second opinion on the work that you are doing.”

Dominik Heil

Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Wits Business School