I host a once monthly Courageous Conversation, which is a follow up series to the Courageous Public Speaking Course. Today’s post outlines what we covered on a recent session.

The Learning Objective of the course is for graduates of the Courageous Public Speaking Course to take their learnings and insights from the course further and to share, speak, grow and get assistance from other participants and myself in the areas that are important to them, especially in the areas of: public speaking, confidence, communication, self-expression, assertiveness and success.

One of the keys of these sessions is accountability. It’s extraordinary the difference in the results we produce when we know we are being watched, or are likely to be called to account or reminded of our commitments.

In the last session we covered the topic of ‘Levels of Success,’ in which participants looked at what levels they assessed themselves to be operating at as a professional, in their chosen field, and what level they would wish to be operating at. I first came across this tool from Lewis Pugh, the endurance swimmer and ocean advocate.

On the left hand side you can see the level you are currently operating at and on the right the desired level:

What level are you operating at and what level would you like to be operating at in order to achieve greater success?

Please comment and what you notice about your current and desired state.

As ever,