Simon Ekin

How the idea of running changed my life and could change yours

“Hit the road. It will help you to work out where you are going.” Anon.

I went for a run that day and I have remembered that line like it was yesterday, not just in running, but in other aspects of my life also.

A huge part of my identity and existence is owed to running. Make no mistake I am not an expert or these days even a particularly competitive runner; in fact, the furthest I have ever run is a half marathon.  For me it is far more about the journey than the destination. But in the summer of 1983 when I was 15, my two brothers and I were sent off to a sailing school near Poole, in Dorset, on England’s south coast. Supervision was low and much teenage mischief was had.

One day, one of the instructors came into our caravan and asked if anyone wanted to come for a run with him. We all responded like most teenagers! Just as he was leaving, I thought, “Why not? It’s something different to idling around for the rest of the afternoon.”

I went for that run with him and something fired within me. I became like Forrest Gump and didn’t stop. I add this movie clip from the film, more for amusement than any cryptic message of overcoming this kind of adversity!

In the spring of the following year, it came time for the school cross-country race. The previous year I had come in about 180th out of about 360 boys. But this year I came…first!

One thing lead to another. I had dreams. I thought differently. I ‘did’ differently. I joined the army. I found myself. I still run. Something happens when I do. Something magical.

And the biggest challenge of all, by far?

Yip. Getting started.

So, hit the ‘road’ it will help you to work out where you are going. What’s your road? What are you waiting for? What are you putting off?

I’d love to hear. Drop me a line!

Mojestically yours!


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Featured image credit: With thanks to David Marcu, UnSplash.