Last Sunday I went for to see my friend Len. We drunk beer – quarts (mine was a Zamalek) – and chatted about stuff like poetry, books, music and martial arts. I walked away with two books, one of them being Solitude, by Michael Harris.

I politely took it from Len, not really thinking I would read it, but it has proven a revelation to me. Actually, he gave me two, the other one being Meditations on Violence, which I cannot see myself reading, but the title is interesting; I opened to one page and a paragraph caught my eye, saying that there are not charming people, there are only people who use charm to get what they want. Interesting. Sometimes the value of a book is in the title, like this one. Another one was, Working on yourself doesn’t work. I didn’t think it was a good book, but the title was. I have not forgotten it since. Anyway, I digress…

Seems like I was ready to read it. A few pages into the book a quote from Goethe jumped out at me:

“One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.”

I often talk about inspiring the people I work with or being inspired by others, but I think now that Goethe had a point and I’ll show you how.

I’ve been walking in the woods recently after hearing about Forest Bathing, where you spend time in the woods and it has enormous health benefits. I have a very different kind of day if I walk in the woods. I also have client sessions and run courses in the woods, which people say are the highlight of our sessions.

Anyway, today – it’s a Friday, my favourite day of the week – I have been feeling distracted. My Dad is having some health issues and I am worried about him and feeling the distance between us, not the heart distance, but the physical distance as he lives 10,000 km’s way in England.

I needed some inspiration so I headed out for a walk in the woods and a notepad and pen.

My first line was, so much feels broken in my life right now. The last line was life is either a daring adventure or nothing. I could not to get back to my office and get going with some of the crazy, wonderful inspiring thoughts I had had.

Nature and solitude had done it for me. They had found me; I just went for a walk in the woods.

Here’s a picture fo some pictures of my scribbles. Probably best not to even try and read them!

Here are the points I have taken from the pages:

  • If I don’t feel inspired and lit up by my life and my work, how can others?
  • “I trust you, I don’t trust the devil inside you.” One of the best lines ever from the remake of the Italian Job.
  • Wear a T-shirt with what you want to the world to know about. Stop hiding, Ekin.
  • I am completely self contained. I have no need for anyone. I am not a victim.
  • I always knew this was coming (my dad’s health demise) I just didn’t know it would be now. When are we ever ready for death? Aren’t we always dying, from the moment we are born? “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin” The Shawshank Redemption.
  • Imagine what can happen if we are being really confident?
  • My offering: When working with me, you’ll be more self-expressed, more confident, have more belief in yourself and accept yourself and produce the results you know you can or have ever dreamed of, more consistently, or your money back…and there is no way I am paying your money back, because I wont have to.
  • I need to write a manifesto
  • I am inspired. I have got inspired before, and it has not come to much at times. What is going to be different this time?
  • Not one negative thought will I have that will bread another and will stopped dead in it’s tracks.
  • Make shit happen.
  • Get a medical check up.
  • “Life is either a daring adventure of nothing.” Helen Keller.

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