Simon Ekin

I’ll do what I want to…


Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

Life is pretty simple. But not easy. The trouble is we have that logical side within us that says, ‘eat less…save more…speak up!’ And the emotional side that says, “f*ck it. I’ll do what I want.”

You can. There’s nothing wrong with that – if mediocrity is your game. But I know enough about human beings that it is far from ‘fine.’ (Feelings Inside Never Expressed.)

What’s the solution?

Keep your word. Do what you say. Honour your word as yourself. Exercise self-discipline. Maintain your own integrity.

This is how life WORKS.

Simple, but not easy. But far better than being ‘easy’ and not ‘simple.’

Be in touch with me if this resonates and I’ll help you out.