Simon Ekin

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Focus Areas of the Mojo Dojo Course

Refining your Purpose

Knowing exactly why we do what we do and being able to refer back to our bigger picture in times of adversity

Cultivating a High Performance Mindset

Re-wiring ourselves to psychologically prepare for greater productivity and over execution of our craft.

Building a Support Network

Constructing an environment and process that enables you to seek counsel from those with a diverse perspective.


Implementing the necessary mechanisms to begin enjoying incremental progress in line with your Courageous, Extraordinary and Outrageous (CEO) Goal

Enhancing Productivity

Cultivating a greater work ethic through the fundamentals of habitual behaviour.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Getting to grips with an emotionally intelligent way of life and how it improves your chances of success at work and at home.

Structured Reflection

Creating a greater level of consciousness around what is happening in our daily lives in order to learn from these experiences and move steadily towards our greater goals.

Improving Relationships

Learning how to proactively create environments where your personal and work-based relationships can thrive.

Hearing from World Class Thought-Leaders

Feeding ourselves with the best stimulating content to keep the progressive, problem-solving mindset.

Building an Action Plan

Curating a tactile action plan that builds accountability around the right processes for you.


Learn how to lead without the necessity of a title and to put your purpose into practice by positively influencing others.

Building Resilience

We'll be delving into the art of resourcefulness & how you can use adversity as a compass for opportunity.