Simon Ekin

The Naked Speaker

Simon Ekin, The Naked Speaker here. Bet you’re curious, right? What’s with the unconventional moniker? Trust me, I’ve asked myself the same question. Let’s unravel it together.

“Naked” – a word that often conjures images of bare skin, exposed vulnerability, and societal fringe groups. It’s precisely this vulnerability that most of us grapple with in our lives. Have you ever stood in front of a mirror, unable to meet your own gaze? I’ve been there too. Some days, I look and think, “Hey, not bad!” Others, it’s more of an “Oh shit!” moment.

For me, being naked isn’t just about shedding physical layers; it’s a metaphor for the myriad ways we cover up our true selves. We hide behind emotional barriers, bury our authentic voices, and mask our insecurities with habits and distractions. We all do it. Overeating, avoiding uncomfortable conversations, or simply denying our truths – these are the veils we use to shield our vulnerabilities.

I’ve taken this metaphor quite literally in my speaking engagements. Sometimes, with prior consent, I strip down, creating a space where attendees have the choice to experience the talk blindfolded or opt-out entirely if nudity isn’t their cup of tea. It’s about empowerment, about taking charge of one’s comfort and boundaries.

The crux of my message? Embrace your ‘nakedness’ – not necessarily the physical kind, but the unveiling of your True Self. Your heart and gut often whisper your truth, while the mind endlessly critiques and judges. The real battleground isn’t out there; it’s within us.

My journey into this unconventional realm began when I was invited to a naked poetry evening. Initially bewildered, I found myself saying “yes” to an experience that felt both uncomfortable and liberating. It wasn’t about sexuality; it was a safe space to share poetry authentically, without the masks we usually wear.

Soon after, I embarked on a transformative expedition to the Northern Cape, baring my soul beneath the moon in the vast expanse of the desert. In that nakedness, amid nature’s grandeur, I discovered my true essence.

So here I am, sharing my story and encouraging others to shed their layers, metaphorically, or otherwise. It’s about discovering ourselves, embracing vulnerability, and being unapologetically authentic.

Stay tuned for more insights, stories, and ways to uncover your naked truth.

Don’t take care – take a risk!


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