Simon Ekin

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Is this true?

Fear is the number one mojo blocker, no question. The acronym fear can stand for forget everything and run or false expectations appearing real! I think the latter is more useful!

Take a moment to think about something you really want to do in your heart completely free self expressed anything is possible. Got something? Could be a conversation you wanna have a ticket you want to buy a thing you want to do dance riotous on the top of a hill in the wind and the rain.

Now notice how quickly fear kicks in it’s too hard I’ve tried before what will people think I don’t have the money it’s not the right time you know how it works.

But here’s a different angle on fear it’s not a bad thing in fact it’s a very good thing it’s there to protect us but the trouble is it’s a survival mechanism that kicked in hundreds of thousands of years ago to protect us from Saber tooth tigers and marauding tribes folk it doesn’t equip us very well and gets in the way when we ask someone out on a date or do a presentation or just have some fun.

Think about fear in two ways there are two types the first is appropriate fear which is you’re staring down the barrel of something life threatening you’re about to be run over by a car you got caught in a riptide sucking you out to sea or…

Those are appropriate fears. Inappropriate fears which is probably what we love about 99.99% of our lives in our fears that we think are as real as our survival but in fact or not think about again doing a presentation asking someone out on a date asking for a pay rise ending a relationship starting a relationship the trouble is our brains collapse the two and they think it’s the same thing

So here’s my suggestion to you over the next few weeks during the holidays and the start of another year ask yourself when you get an idea of something you really want to do ask yourself is this an appropriate fear or an inappropriate fear if it’s appropriate don’t do it if it’s inappropriate do it

There’s a famous book and now a famous saying called feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers it’s an absolute blinder. And the real nugget for me in the book was when she talked about our deepest fear as human beings not fear of death fear of loss fear of failing fear of spiders all those things we normally think of she says that our biggest fear as human beings is I won’t be able to handle it.

But you know we always handle it or if we don’t well we learn the lessons and we go on to the next lesson but either way we handle it even in death we handle it because guess what we die.

I hope this has been helpful let me know what you think.

Remember, don’t take care, take a risk!

‘Mojestically’ yours,


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