Simon Ekin

Transform your view of nakedness, transform your view of life

I’ve been working on my keynote speech for some months now. It’s been no easy feat! It’s not like mainstream society is queuing up to hear about nakedness!

But my intention is clear: I believe that my message of ‘being more naked (on the inside and/ or the outside) is an idea who’s time has come. I believe and know this: that being present, being in our bodies, here and now, with no ulterior and unnoble intention, with courage and heart, is the way to be in the world. Anything else is just a poor imitation.

Here is a snippet from the start of my keynote. What’s your reaction?

  1. When I say the word ‘naked’ what comes to your mind? Freedom? S*x, Discomfort? A painful memory?
  2. Is naked only physical nakedness, or something else too?
  3. Why does nakedness, something so normal and natural for human beings, seem so strange and uncomfortable in certain situations?
  4. When did we go from being naked and free, to self-conscious and constrained?
  5. Why does nakedness seemed to be confined mostly to the shower, the bedroom or entertainment for most?

What do you think? Does this resonate with you?

Much of my work in speaking, coaching, and facilitating is about challenging and dismantling those thoughts that can so cripple us and to unpack and peel back the layers of fixed belief, culture and convention.

To find out more about my work why not come along to one of my Naked Speaker events, or book me as the Naked Speaker or set up some time to hone and develop your public speaking skills, which is my area of strength and expertise?

Don’t take care – take a risk!


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